Statistics Wednesday: Who Kickstarted Kôna


First of all, happy new year to all of you!

I hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did! During the holidays, I took some time to look at the numbers of our Kickstarter. I thought it might be of interest to some of you, so here are some of my observations:

Where do our backers (physically) came from?

World Map

World-wide perspective

Looking at the world map above reveals some really interesting data. When we launched our campaign, we thought that the vast majority of our backers would come from the Quebec province in Canada. It turned out that it is indeed the region where we had more backers "per capita", but far from being the majority. Even Canada as a whole does not account to more than half of our "sales". Here's the top 5:

  1. Canada | 456 backers
  2. United States | 383 backers
  3. Great Britain | 102 backers
  4. France | 71 backers
  5. Australia | 58 backers

Followed by Germany (45), Sweden (24), Norway (16), Denmark (15), Switzerland (15), Netherlands (14), Finland (14) and 33 others (total of 70).


In Canada, the top 1 backing country, the most supportive province was Quebec, with 349 backers. That's not a surprise considering this is the one we live in and that the initial trailer was in French.

The next one is from our neighbor, Ontario, with 61 backers. Followed by Alberta and BC, with 17 and 14 respectively.

That makes Canada the country who supported us the most, at 35% of the total.

United States

US Map In the U.S., here is the top 5:

  1. California | 68 backers
  2. Texas | 29 backers
  3. New York | 28 backers
  4. Massachusetts | 18 backers
  5. Pennsylvania | 17 backers

Followed by Florida, Michigan and Ohio at 15, 14 and 14 respectively.

Where do our backers (digitally) came from?

For these data, I'm limited to the table Kickstarter provides. Here it is:
Kickstarter data

35% of our backers came directly from Kickstarter, 28% from media sharing websites such as Reddit, Imgur, Faceboook and Twitter, 9% from articles on the web, 5% from Google searches and 23% from "the unknown".

We know for sure that people from Imgur where the ones who spawned the last and most important wave of backers. These 144 (confirmed) people actually made the game move to the front of "most popular campaign" in video game category. In the end, without Imgur, the project would have failed. Again, big thanks to the folks who helped us make the Imgur front page!

Wrapping Up

Looking at the figures, making sure that the information was available in both English and French was totally worth it. However, we could have done more, like having an English voiced trailer of the game, in order to increase the game popularity in some countries. That being said, we are quite satisfied to see that there are many cultures interested in seeing more from Kôna.

I love statistics and I know some people like them too, so we will continue sending them even after the first episode launch. We also plan on sharing sales figures in order to help other developers estimate theirs.

Outside of numbers, we plan on sending an update on the game development next week. One thing that is on the table right now is the possibility of delaying the first episode launch to Q3 2015. With the additional funding, we have to be careful and spend our money wisely. There are things that (unfortunately) take time, like having access to the funds!

Anyway, more details on this next week!

Keep in touch!