It's Been a While, But We've Been Busy!

Hey everyone!

As previously announced, I was the Community Manager for the project part-time. Now, I’ll be doing that full-time! What does this mean? More updates and more interactions with you guys!

We’ve been busy lately, so here’s an update on what we’ve been up to.

January 2016

In our latest post, we mentioned an extra $215 000 CAD budget for the game. There were unfortunate delays for the funds to come in, and because of that, it would be risky and bad for the quality of the game if we were to release it in November as it was planned. We know that many indie games tend to postpone their release, and we honestly wanted to avoid that as much as possible, but there are high expectations for Kôna and we want to live up to them, so a release in November is too tight. We have the funds and 7 people are working full-time on the game now, so it should be ready in January 2016. For our KS backers, we plan on having a playable but spoiler-free beta version of the game by the end of the year.

Surveys and Rewards

I will soon use BackerKit to send surveys to move forward on the KS campaign rewards process (for t-shirt sizes, addresses for shipping, etc).

Unite 2015


We were among the lucky ones chosen for the Unite Boston Made with Unity Showcase line-up a few weeks ago. Many developers played and loved our game!

Coming soon

Here's a trailer...


Joking aside, Vincent (our animator) is working on a new trailer that should be ready by the end of the month!


On a side note, the company has a new logo. Here’s the company’s Facebook page (we post only in French) if you want more information on our business. The old logo is there too if you want to compare.

A new version of our website is under construction and should be ready by January 2016 (available in French and English).

A Few Screenshots?

Because why not!


We always say that people disappeared, but some of them are imprisoned...


One of the houses you can investigate (the one with the TV).


The news relates on the implementation of the Quebec province free health insurance plan on November 1st 1970.


A popular singer in Quebec. Here's the single: Au bout des rails.


We're pretty reachable, but here's my email if there's anything: jeff@parabole.ca.

Thanks for reading!

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