Who's Working on Kôna Now (With Pictures and Everything)

Hi everyone,

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for your comments and messages. They're very important, we build Kôna for you after all!

In this post, I'll introduce our new team members! Including myself, we are now 7 working full-time on the best episodic interactive tale to come out this year :)

Dominique Maxime has a lot on his shoulders, so Dominique will be a huge help for him in his everyday job, from interfaces all the way through modules.

Vincent Vincent will be in charge of animation for the main character, the Wendigo and other NPCs. To sum up, he will put life in Kôna!

David Kôna has a 3 km² map (1,16 mi²), so a second artist will be a huge help to fill the environment with props and stuff.

Jeff It's me! I'm the one who will keep you updated on the project.

The Old Team

And for those who forgot about the old team, here's a quick reminder of what they do.

Etienne He has been doing the art for Kôna and he'll keep at it!

Maxime AI, interactions, saves, loadings, name it! Max has been programming almost everything so far, so imagine what he can do with someone to help him!

Alex Between running the business and communicating with partners (musicians, writer, etc), he still finds the time to program the UI by himself!

As you can see, Kôna is in good hands!

Progress on Carl Faubert

Here's a little progress for the main character, Carl Faubert. Made by Jack Zhang. His coat is a Spring jacket, but don't worry, he'll find gloves!

Body Hands Thanks for reading, see ya!

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