Follow Up on the Trailer, MIGS 2015 and Updates

Hey folks!

In our last update ,we released our official trailer and we’ve had very positive comments. Thanks to media coverage and social networks, it has nearly 18,000 views so far. A PC Gamer article, among others, brought us a lot of attention.

In the last few weeks, we attended MIGS, have been working on a new UI system and have revived our reconstructions, which I’ll talk about in this post, along with our presence on social networks and new music for the game.

MIGS 2015

On November 15-17, we attended MIGS 2015 to present Kôna to other developers, media and also students and we’ve had a lot of good words.

During the event, we’ve been featured in episode 8 of J_VDO, Made in Quebec. J_VDO is a French webseries about videogame industry in Quebec. All the episodes are free for Videotron subscribers, which is a local broadcaster, so it might not be available in your region.

J_VDO trailer (in French)

Inventory and Pause Menu Revamp

First, here’s a before/after video of Carl equiping a lantern:

UI comparison

At first glance, it’s faster to equip the lantern in the old inventory. However, you could only have up to 25 items on you. Plus, you don’t know if it’s an equipable or a usable item. The new inventory separates items in 3 categories for a more user friendly approach. These categories can contain up to 30 items each. You now have quick access to the journal and the map, which are the items you’ll probably use the most.

Return of Reconstructions

Remember reconstructions? We said in a recent post that reconstructions were off the table because it pulled you away from the main character. Now that we’ve got a second round of CMF funding, we decided to revive them. They’re now called visions and Carl will live them himself. It’s still a work-in-progress, but here’s a preview:


By touching the mysterious blue ice some people are trapped in, Carl’s vision temporarly shows elements that add depth to the story.

Visions will help you relate the last things a person did before being imprisoned.

You’ll be able to find clues and evidence to help you in your investigation.

Increased Social Media Presence

As you probably noticed, we’ve been more active on social networks lately. Here are some of the most popular pictures we’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter:


This is where the storm begins.

The trees look much more alive now.

Changes in the inventory system through time.

Also, we created an account for Parabole on Instagram, which will allow us to focus on visual content instead of boring text updates.


We asked musicians from CuréLabel to record some 70s-themed music to put on turntables in some houses and stores, so they sent us these 4 songs:

Belle Rose

La Bastring

La Danse du Barbier

Le Pinto

The Next Step

Now that MIGS is behind us, there are no big events coming up for us, so we can focus all our energy on the game production.

We’ll be working full-time on the beta version for backers, which should be ready by mid-December. We’re already working on sending the build on Steam, which is where the beta will be released. This is also the place where we will take comments and feedback through forums.

Finally, we’ve discussed with some companies to evaluate the possibility of partnership for marketing so that we can focus more on creating the best game. All the options are on the table, and we’ll let everyone know about our decision in due time.

So that’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed, and as always, contact me if there’s anything!


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